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Try Ultimate Frisbee in Leicester

We love new players!

Our club always welcomes new members - men and women - of all ages and abilities to come and try it out. It doesn't all end on the field of play - we always manage a friendly get-together after training as well as regular social events. The game is really simple for newcomers to pick up even if you've never thrown a frisbee or played much sport before.

Top five lame excuses:-

"I'm too unfit"
You don't have to be ultra-fit to start with and its a great way to sweep away the cobwebs. You'll have so much fun you'll get fit without thinking about it - its much more interesting than the gym.

"I can't catch or throw a frisbee"
Don't worry - we just haven't shown you how yet!

"I've never been any good at sport!"
We promise there are no PE teachers, no referees, no whistles and if you forget your kit we won't make you play in your underpants.

"I'll look silly!"
Actually if you get the hang of it you'll look really good. We have all sorts of people from doctors to nurses, teachers to students playing but the one thing we've all got in common is we showed up, had a go and got hooked.

"Its too cold outside for frisbee"
Some of the more hardcore members of our club play outdoors no matter what weather. However, the rest move indoors in winter for a warmer game out of the elements.

There are also ultimate frisbee teams at Leicester University and De Montfort University if you are studying in Leicester.